Mel Rojas Jr., First Hit Since Returning to KT Wiz

Mel Rojas Jr., First Hit Since Returning to KT Wiz… Director Lee Kang-cheol “I Hope you Continue to have Confidence”

KT returns after 4 years… No hits in 6 games including practice games

Mel Rojas Jr. (33, KT Wiz), the best player in the 2020 KBO League,

wore the KT uniform again ahead of this season.

He dominated the league in 2020 with a batting average of 0.349, 47 home runs,

135 RBI, and OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 1.297,

and joined the Hanshin Tigers of the Japanese professional baseball team in 2021.

Mel Rojas Jr.

However, he did not show much success in Japan,

and played in Mexican professional baseball last year before returning to KT after four years ahead of this season. 파워볼

Rojas late hit his first hit since his return with a double in the first inning in a KBO exhibition game against the LG Twins held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 10th.

This is the first hit in 6 games, including practice games.

Rojas appeared in four spring camp practice games and went silent with no hits in seven at-bats and three walks,

and was unable to hit a hit in the first game of the exhibition game, against Suwon LG on the 9th.

KT coach Lee Kang-cheol was pleased with Rojas’ long-awaited first hit.

Although it was an exhibition game, I hoped it would be an opportunity to regain his confidence.

Lee Kang-cheol

Coach Lee met with reporters ahead of the Suwon SSG Landers game on the 11th and hoped,

“I don’t know how long Rojas will be confident, but I hope he continues to have confidence.”

Perhaps because his batting sense has not yet fully returned, the ball rarely moves forward,

but with nearly two weeks left until the start of the regular season,

he is gradually regaining his sense of hitting.

Coach Lee added that he will continue to trust Rojas.

He said, “Rojas doesn’t want to mess with (about training methods).

I think he had that kind of problem in Japan (due to stress),”

“So I called him at the start of the Japanese camp and told him,

‘I’ll make it easy for you, so don’t worry.’

Mel Rojas Jr. said he was grateful. “He introduced.

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