‘Daba’ and ‘Gona’ aim to qualify for the PGC against the world’s top players

If there’s one way to summarize Week 1 of the PUBG Weekly Series Phase 1, it’s a dark horse revolt. Dark horses like Beyond Stratos Gaming (BSG) and Esports Frome (EFM) took first and second place in the first week of Phase 1, beating out traditional powerhouses like Dana and Genji Guangdong DePlus Kia (DK).

BSG took the lead on Day 2 of Phase 1 of the 2024 PUBG Weekly Series (PWS) on Thursday afternoon online with a dominant 1-chicken 67 points, pushing Day 1 leader EFM to second place (90 points). BSG and EFM were followed by ZENGE (88 points), DANAWA (84 points), and Guangdong (82 points) to round out the top five.

BSG’s Lee “Dabba” Sung-do and Week 1 runner-up EFM’s Ji “Gona” Hyun-woo expressed their determination to compete in the 2024 season with the goal of becoming PubG Global Champions (PGC) later this year.

“Week 1 went well, but it’s just the beginning, so I’ll work harder to make sure I don’t make any mistakes and show my steady form,” said Lee “Daba” Sungdo. Ji Hyun-woo “Gona” Jihyun, who finished Week 1 in second place after leading on Day 1, said, “I played well on Day 1, but I’m disappointed that I played poorly on Day 2 until Match 4. I’ll try to improve on the things that I’m disappointed about and maximize the good parts of my game.”

When asked how BSG and EFM, two teams that hadn’t garnered much attention, managed to reach the top of the leaderboard in Week 1, Lee Sung-do cited their engagement and Ji Hyun-woo cited their focus.

“Our team is confident in our engagements, so even if we struggled a bit in the beginning, we played with the mindset of not giving up and just doing what we were doing until the end. I think the magnetic field helped us in some ways, and we were able to combine well and perform well.” (‘Daeba’ Lee Sung-do)

“Before the final match, we played with the mindset that we would focus more together. When we successfully made the emergency call, we had a good magnetic field, and from there, we were able to stay focused and succeed in our pre-coordinated team strategy, which allowed us to finish second.” (‘Gona’ Ji Hyun-woo)

BSG scored a whopping 67 points on Day 2 alone. When asked about the feedback they received after Day 1, Lee Sung-do said, “Personally, my form was a bit low. However, at the end of Day 1, my teammates told me that they were good at shooting 5.56mm ammunition, such as M416, which gave me confidence. We also discussed how to study the map as an order and how to take care of each other, and I think it’s most important to play calmly, so we gave a lot of feedback on that.”

Lee “LeeSeongDo” Seong-do and Ji “JihyunWoo” JihyunWoo picked Guangdong as the strongest team in the 2024 Season of Battlegrounds. Lee assessed that Guangdong’s individual engagements make them capable of superplay, and Jihyun-woo echoed his sentiments, saying that they are the best in Korea not only in terms of strength but also in terms of judgment.

When asked about their goals for 2024, both Lee Sung-do and Ji Hyun-woo said they want to qualify for and win the PGC. They are determined to capitalize on the PGC points they have earned since the start of the season and become the winners of the competition by the end of the season.

“Last year, Korean teams won world events such as the PNC and PGC, so I think Korean teams should do well this year, and our team is also aiming to win the world championship. That’s why our players gathered together. Also, rather than having a rival team, I think 메이저사이트 we can do better if we don’t get cocky and keep doing what we’re doing. The goal is to be consistent.” (‘Daeba’ Lee Sung-do)

“Similarly, I think our biggest goal is to advance to the World Championships and perform well. In fact, the PGC used to seem far away, but since I’ve already earned PGC points, I don’t think it’s far away anymore. I’m going to work harder and try to make it to the PGC. And I don’t really have any rivals. I don’t think we’re good enough to call any team a rival, but I don’t think we’re good enough to call any team a rival. We need to improve ourselves, and if there’s a title we want to win, we want to be the first professional team to reach the PGC in our first year.” (‘Gona’ Ji Hyun-woo)

Outside of their own team, Lee Sung-do and Ji Hyun-woo cited Phase 1 Grand Final favorites Guangdong and DANAWA as the top three contenders. DANAWA, who won the World Championship title last year, and Guangdong, who have excellent individual skills, will pose the biggest obstacles to their title run.

However, they vowed to find a way through with their skill and determination in the current situation, where the overall playing field has been leveled upward.

Ji Hyun-woo ‘Gona’ said, “We’re a new team this year, and we’re grateful to all the fans who supported us when we won BSC Season 10 and those who liked us from the beginning. We will do our best to repay them with a satisfactory performance.”


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