“I’ve made a positive impact.”

“I’ve made a positive impact.”

The NC Dinos have named Son As-seop, 36, as their 2024 captain.

NC was at the center of the “underdog rebellion” last year. After being picked as a pre-season underdog, they finished the regular season in fourth place and qualified for the postseason.

Their fall baseball run was even more impressive. They swept Doosan in the wild-card decider and then swept SSG Landers in the semifinals to advance to the playoffs. Although they were swept by KT Wiz to reach the Korean Series, they had a fruitful year.

At the center of it all was ‘captain’ Son Ah-seop. 토토사이트 He motivated his teammates in every game of the postseason with his ‘quote time’.

It was also a big year for Son personally.

Sohn played in 140 games last year, batting .333 with 9 RBIs. He led the team in batting average, hits (187), and won the Golden Glove as the designated hitter.

Had a steady year. After batting 3-for-33 in 75 games in the first half of the year, he heated up even more in the second half, going 3-for-49 in 65 games. In September, his batting average reached 4-for-7.

“The team goal remains, but I was able to achieve the batting title that I personally wanted,” Son said, “I want to praise myself for not giving up and achieving it in the end, and I also want to say thank you for overcoming difficult training and mentally difficult situations to win the batting title and the Golden Glove after 2017.” He also said, “I want to say thank you for doing it well and not getting tired.

The NC said, “Son As-seop was the captain in the 2023 season and had a positive impact on the team. The team recommended him as the captain for 2024. The coaching staff and Son accepted the offer.”

At the New Year’s meeting on the 8th,

Son said, 안전 토토사이트 “I am honored to be the captain of the club, but I feel more responsibility than excitement.” “The catchphrase of the club this season is ‘aspiration, effort, and immersion in greatness’. I hope that all the players will do their best on the field with the same focus as the catchphrase,” he said.

“Last year, I told the players that the pressure of the game would be on us, so I wanted them to play their best on the field. This season, the burden will be on the senior players so that the younger players can get the most out of the game. I want everyone to start February in top form. I wish them all the best this season.”

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