“Wow, KT did a great job picking”

What if Moon Yong-ik was given a spot in the bullpen? It would have the dual effect of saving 5.8 billion won and rejuvenating the bullpen.

KT Wiz lost the closer. However, it could be a ‘phone call’. Looking to the future, KT was going to need a closer anyway.

Kim Jae-yoon (33) has been a stalwart in the KT backline. He has been a firefighter with double-digit saves since 2016, and his performance peaked in 2021, when he won more than 30 saves for three consecutive seasons until this season.

For his hard work, he became a free agent for the first time in his career. KT was desperate to keep Kim Jae-yoon, but the Samsung Lions, who were in need of reinforcements at the back, snatched him up for a whopping 5.8 billion won.

Gone is the player who made 30 saves.

This may seem like a devastating blow for KT, who finished runner-up this season and will be challenging for the Korean Series title next year.

However, the departure of Kim Jae-yoon does not make KT a portrait of the team.

In fact, KT was somewhat prepared for the spike in Kim’s free agency price. They didn’t want to “overpay” for a pitcher no matter how good he was. Moreover, Kim Jae-yoon will be 34 years old next year. As a reliever, his age in the mid-30s cannot be ignored. 온라인카지노 We can’t help but think back to the Korean Series, when Kim Jae-yoon was unable to overpower LG’s hitters with his power.

There was already a replacement.

Park Young-hyun, 20, is a fireballer from Yakbyon. He’s a fearsome rookie in his second year of high school who has all the attributes of a closer, such as poise and guts. He showed promise at the Hangzhou Asian Games and in the postseason for two seasons. His Asian Games gold medal even earned him military service benefits. With good offseason preparation and no injuries, he will be a solid KT closer.

The team will need to fill the void left by Park Young-hyun’s absence, and they are well on their way. First, the team has found a solid pitcher in Son Dong-hyun through fall baseball. Just as Park Young-hyun’s postseason performance last year was a big step up for him, Son will likely gain a lot of confidence and come out swinging in the new season. Lee Sang-dong and Kim Young-hyun are other players who will benefit from this year’s experience and look forward to a better tomorrow.

Add to that the addition of veteran sidearm Woo Gyu-min in the second round of the draft. He’ll bring diversity to a bullpen full of power hitters, and at 40 years old, he still has a great fastball that can get you through an inning or so.

Finally, Kim Jae-yoon’s compensation player, Moon Yong-ik, could be the final nail in the coffin.

When it was announced that KT had named Moon Yong-ik as a compensation player, one of the club’s coaches said, “Wow, KT did a good job. Moon Yong-ik is a really good pitcher.” He has a 150-kilometer fastball and a sharp slider. If he can work on his mechanics, he could be a seventh or eighth inning guy.

If they can find a lefty or two, KT’s bullpen could be one of the most reliable in all 10 divisions. If KT can save 5.8 billion won and build a young, solid bullpen instead of losing a closer, they’ll be in business.

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