American Professional Soccer Saddened by Messi’s Absence

American professional soccer saddened by Messi’s absence… “Signpost value compensation regardless of participation”

Ticket price has increased 10 times, but Messi’s participation is unclear… Prepare emergency measures to prevent spectators from leaving

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi (36), the ‘god of soccer’ from Argentina who joined the American Professional Soccer League (MLS) last July,

has recently been unable to play due to health problems, causing MLS officials and soccer fans to cry.

According to the Chicago media and the Associated Press on the 4th (local time),

Inter Miami CF, to which Messi belongs, will face the ‘Chicago Fire’ at Soldier Field in Chicago starting at 7:30 pm on this day.

All 61,500 tickets have been sold out as soccer fans are interested in seeing Messi,

considered the ‘world’s best soccer player’, in this game. 카지노사이트위키

The average number of spectators this season is around 15,000.

Ticket prices also jumped more than 10 times the usual price, and a ticket that normally costs $30 (approximately 40,000 won) was once quoted as low as $500 (approximately 680,000 won) on a resale site.


However, on the 3rd, Inter Miami CF announced that Messi’s participation in this game was “unclear” (Questionable),

Chicago Fire announced that it had created emergency measures to prevent spectators from leaving.

Chicago Fire said in a statement, “We know that there are many fans who will come to Soldier Field for the first time in their lives to see Messi.

If Messi does not play, many fans will be disappointed,” and added,

“Regardless of whether Messi plays or not,

attendees of this day’s game will receive a 2024 “We will give a credit of $250 (approximately 350,000 won) when purchasing a season membership,

$50 (approximately 68,000 won) to those who purchase a single game ticket.”

Lionel Messi has missed four of the last five games due to muscle fatigue and other reasons.

He played in the game against Toronto FC on the 20th of last month,

but was replaced in the 37th minute of the first half due to a hamstring problem.

However, the Miami team has not provided a clear explanation about Messi’s health,

making opposing teams and fans frustrated.

However, Inter Miami CF coach Gerardo Martino denied the report by a media outlet last weekend,

saying, “Messi will not play in all remaining games this season.”

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