“We broke the rules,” says coach Hee-Jung Joo, sobered by the win

“Everything I loved about going to Japan is gone. The principles were also broken….” Korea University reached the quarterfinals with a convincing victory, but head coach Joo Hee-jung had some stinging words for her players.

The team won 90-73 in the quarterfinals of the 온라인카지노 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League against Kyung Hee University at KU’s Hwajung Gymnasium on June 6. KU will play the winner of Dankook University-Hanyang University on Tuesday in the quarterfinals.

After a 17-20 first quarter, KU led the rest of the way. Park Mubin (17 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists) led the team’s offense, and 11 of the 12 players on the roster scored in the win over Kyung Hee University.

However, head coach Joo Hee-jung felt the absence of Moon Jung-hyun (Varsity) was significant. “I think there’s a big difference between having him and not having him, including leadership. (Park) Mubin seemed to have a hard time handling it alone. We won the game, but it wasn’t very good,” said Joo Hee-jung.

Her assessment afterward was also sobering. “After the tournament in Japan (WUBS), all the good things were gone. Our offense wasn’t bad, but we gave up 73 goals. It was also unfortunate that we had 10 mistakes in the second half compared to five in the first. We were also outrebounded (37-26), but that was fair given our height. We also broke the principle of not protesting against the referee,” he said, reprimanding the players.

Although Ju was disappointed with the outcome of the game, it was important for KU to get off to a good start in its three-game road trip in five days. KU will play Yonsei on the 8th, followed by the quarterfinals on the 10th. That’s why coach Joo Hee-jung kept Park Mubin (26 minutes, 6 seconds) and Moon Yoo-hyun (27 minutes, 14 seconds) under 30 minutes of playing time.

“Regular matches are 50-50. If we play like we did today, it will be a tough match. I don’t want the players to try to show something flashy. There are three things I always emphasize to my players: mistakes, fast breaks, and rebounding. Before we go to Japan, I want us to regain the defense that we showed up to the MBC tournament.”

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