Professional football’s K League Two newcomers Cheonan City FC have recorded their third win of the season and their first consecutive victory. Cheonan defeated Bucheon FC 1-0 at home in the 32nd round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at Cheonan Stadium on 20 July. Cheonan, a new club that recorded its first win in 21 matches in July, added to its second win against Seoul Eland FC in its previous match to record an emotional first back-to-back victories. It was also the first time they kept two clean sheets in a row. With their third win of the season, Cheonan have accumulated 17 points to move within one point of 12th-placed Ansan (18 points).Their head-to-head record against Bucheon was also levelled at one win, one draw and one loss. Bucheon (49 points) remained in third place despite suffering a blow at bottom club Chunan .Their six-match unbeaten run (four wins and two draws) came to an end .Cheonan took the lead in the 21st minute through Jang Baek-gyu .Jang Baek-kyu took a direct shot at goal with his right foot from a free kick on the left flank, and the ball left Jang’s foot and bounced once on the ground before rattling the net .At the Asan Sunshin Sports Complex, Jeonnam Dragons defeated Chungnam Asan FC 1-0.Jeonnam has won two in a row and maintained its head-to-head advantage over Chungnam Asan this season with two wins and a draw. With three more points, Jeonnam (44 points) jumped two places to sixth. Chungnam Asan (33 points) remained in 11th place. With huge puddles of water everywhere and the ground conditions so poor that kicking the ball would make it splash, the teams battled back and forth to end the first half at 0-0.In the second half, the teams were evenly matched. Jeonnam took the lead when Plana sent in a cross from the right flank, where Choo Sang-hoon raced to the doorstep and rattled the net with a diving header. Chungnam Asan were hoping for an equaliser, but instead found themselves outnumbered when Lee Hak-min was sent off in stoppage time for accumulating cautions .Jeonnam had the last laugh as they held on to the lead through Choo Sang-hoon .At the Anyang Sports Complex, FC Anyang and Gyeongnam FC played out a 1-1 draw after an ‘underwater battle’.Anyang, who had lost three consecutive matches, were unable to add a win to their four-match winning streak until today. Including today’s draw, they have also been unable to shake off the deficit against Gyeongnam this season with one draw and two losses in three matches .With the one point, Anyang accumulated 43 points, but dropped to seventh place after losing the sixth spot to Jeonnam, who beat Chungnam Asan earlier in the day .Fifth-placed Gyeongnam (46 points) moved three points clear of fourth-placed Gimpo FC (49 points).With the rain falling lightly, Anyang took the lead in the 31st minute through Bruno’s header. Ahn Yong-woo’s left-footed cross from the right corner was met by Bruno, who leapt from the edge of the box and struck the top corner of the net with a pinpoint foreheader. Gyeongnam levelled the score with a late equaliser. In the 12th minute of the second half, as the ball flowed backwards in a chaotic situation, Cho Tae-ki rattled the net with a right-footed shot from near the penalty arc to score her first goal of the season 스포츠토토링크 .Gyeongnam had to settle for an offside call after Park Jae-hwan’s header rattled the net in the 43rd minute.

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