BtoBet shares insights at Enada Spring

BtoBet Chairman Alessandro Fried is a key speaker at Enada Spring, which focuses on the challenges operators and bookmakers encounter when entering the Italian gaming market. Here, he shares his vision in an interview.

What is the potential that the Italian market presents to operators and bookmakers today?
The Italian market is very interesting and competitive. We bring our international experience gained over the years that represents the added value of the company. Concerning sports products, we focus on different channels, considering the constant increase in the mobile offers and the possibility of creating new gaming markets, while also taking into consideration the growing requests of live, fantasy and esports offers. This is ultimately because the real challenge for bookmakers is to be able to get out of the standard offers.

As an expert on the Italian market, what are the main challenges for operators willing to take the step towards the “dot it” world?
Regulated markets are a source of guarantees, but they present operators with a complex framework. And the Italian market is not an exception. From this perspective, it’s crucial to rely on technical partners who also have bureaucratic and regulatory know-how, which enables them to quickly manage the inevitable hidden dangers. Being compliant with the regulations is a must, but technical partners must also be able to shorten the “time to market,” which often determines the commercial success or failure for an operator.

What are the winning strategies to satisfy the Italian player?
The availability of advanced technology in terms of analysis, marketing and user experience is a winning strategy. The real power is in the hands of the player, who chooses where, when and how to play. This is why it is essential to know the player’s preferences and to direct them to proposals that trigger their attention and keep them loyal to the brand.

The key is the availability of tools that allow operators and bookmakers to collect data and to transform this data into proposals tailored to the player for a satisfying gaming experience, regardless of the channel in use.

To avoid losing ground, all operators who are interested in entering the “dot it” market should prepare for the evolution toward new products, such as the cash-out element and the creation of a community for fantasy sports, and should be able to understand and adapt to mobile technology in Italy.

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