Coach Kim “You sucked today” Bennett “I’ll keep my word”

Anthony Bennett, 30, the No. 1 overall pick in the National Basketball Association (NBA), played in a scrimmage on his first day in Korea. 온라인카지노 Sono head coach Kim Seung-ki said that Bennett “looked good” before the game, but he didn’t get much playing time.

Sono lost 67-69 in a scrimmage against Dongguk University at 4 p.m. on June 6 at the Goyang Sono Arena auxiliary stadium. The concept of “archery basketball” from last season was still there, but it was hard to find the rim on this day.

Bennett, meanwhile, took the court at the start of the day. Initially, Bennett was not at his best after arriving early in the day. Coach Kim Seung-ki also met with Bennett for the first time during the day. Before the match, Kim said, “I don’t know if he’ll play today,” but he said, “He looks very good,” and immediately put him in the starting lineup. Bennett started alongside Kim Ji-Hoo, Kim Kang-Sun, Josh Toralba, and Kim Min-Wook.

After a couple of 2-on-2 plays with Toralba early in the first quarter, Bennett took his first shot. The three-pointer from the top of the key went cleanly through the rim. The fans in the arena erupted in applause.

But Bennett’s run was over in the first quarter. He started walking more and more on defense, and his backcourt speed was noticeably slower. His second three-pointer hit the rim and he left the court after playing about five minutes. Afterward, he spoke with head coach Kim Seung-ki and headed to his bike to focus on his conditioning. Bennett did not return to the court afterward.

Speaking to the media after the match, Bennett said, “I need to get my match fitness up quickly. It’s not about what I didn’t show today, it’s about how I play in the future.” Coach Kim Seung-ki joked with Bennett, saying, “You were terrible today,” to which Bennett laughed and replied, “I’ll keep my promise.” He also spoke about his expectations for his teammates.

He’s also excited about his teammates. “I saw the performance of my teammates. I think the level is much higher than in Taiwan. I can expect great things from them, and I feel confident.” Coach Kim Seung-ki said, “We shouldn’t compare ourselves to Taiwan. I think you’re only at 30 percent of your best, but you need to improve.” Bennett smiled and high-fived Kim.

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