“I’m embarrassed because I’m not as good as my peers…” KIA Ulin bunted for a single

Warrant issued for hopes of advancing to the fifth round.

Lotte’s Noh Jin-hyuk (34) had a great weekend at home in a three-game series against KIA on Nov. 11-13. In the three-game series alone, he went 9-for-9 with four doubles, four home runs, and two RBIs. In the 11th game, he hit a surprise bunt down the right field line to third base, and in the 12th game, he hit a priority double off KIA starter Yoon Young-cheol.

The highlight came on the 13th. He got three straight hits from KIA’s Mario Sanchez and Jung Hae-young, including a double to left-center and an RBI double to center field to set the stage. He picked off Sanchez’s changeup and hit his fastball hard and at the right time, and he picked off Jung Hae-young’s splitter and hit his 143-kilometer fastball.

Noh Jin-hyuk signed a four-year, 5 billion won free agent contract with Lotte. In his prime as a starting shortstop in NC, he was recognized as a center fielder with clutch ability and long bat. Avery was a one-hit wonder at shortstop, even if he was a bit off. He was considered a free agent who could fill a gap in Lotte’s offense.

However, in 78 games this season, Noh is 238-for-56 with a .235 batting average, three home runs, 33 RBI, 30 runs scored, a .660 OPS, and a .219 slugging percentage. His numbers don’t look good for a player who has been so dominant in this three-game series. Clearly, he is far from a 5 billion won free agent. He also had a nagging injury in the first half.

Anyway, the past is the past, and I need to do well in the remaining games. Noh Jin-hyuk said, “I’m coming out as I practiced. When the timing is right, long balls come first, and yesterday and today, I was hitting in that direction. I was desperate for a bunt hit.”

He mentioned his right hip. It’s the right hip and shoulder that’s a barrier for lefties. It’s hard to make a good hit if you move before you get to the hitting point. “It’s hard to create a good batting form, but it only takes one moment to break down,” said Noh. I’ve 메이저토토사이트 improved a lot on my right hip falling forward. Even today, I practiced by myself for about 20 minutes before the match.”

He also shared his honest feelings. Noh Jin-hyuk said, “My coach is helping me a lot. I was embarrassed because I wasn’t as good as my juniors. I have to do better than them now. It’s my first season as a free agent, and I have to be an example for the younger players. I have to make up for it by playing good baseball.”

Regarding the bunt hit, he said, “I tried it because even if I die, I can send one person into scoring position, so it’s not embarrassing.” In this regard, Noh welcomed the upcoming shift restrictions. “I’m not sure about it from a defense standpoint, but from a batting standpoint, it’s great,” he said.

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