Professional Baseball Umpire Appears Wearing Earphones and Microphone

Professional Baseball Umpire Appears Wearing Earphones and Microphone… To Communicate in Real Time

Rules for using wireless communication equipment… Introduced from the 2024 season

It is expected that professional baseball umpires will make decisions more quickly in the future.

Starting in the 2024 season, referees will play games wearing wireless microphones and earphones, and will communicate in real time to make accurate decisions. 카지노

Wireless Communication Devices

The KBO recently decided to introduce regulations regarding referees’ use of wireless communication devices during games through the executive committee,

a decision-making body of the 10 club general managers.

The agenda has been passed to the Board of Directors, and if approved by the Board of Directors,

related regulations will be introduced from the 2024 season.

Referees will wear wireless communication equipment starting from exhibition games and go through an adaptation process.

First of all, it was decided that only one representative referee and one standby referee who will be used in the game will wear wireless equipment.

After the adaptation process, it was decided whether all referees participating in the game would wear the equipment.


In the meantime, in professional baseball,

it was not uncommon to see umpires gathering together and exchanging opinions whenever an ambiguous situation occurred.

The game was delayed considerably due to the process of assessing the situation and applying the rules.

Accordingly, the KBO promoted a plan to allow umpires to use wireless equipment to ensure smooth proceedings.

A KBO official explained, “There was a problem of having to use dedicated wireless frequencies in places where more than 10,000 people gather,

such as baseball stadiums,” and added, “We have recently resolved the issue of radio wave usage fees and permits, and as a result,

we will be able to use them starting from the 2024 season.”

An official said, “With the revision of wireless communication equipment regulations,

professional baseball games will be able to run more smoothly,”

“the effect of reducing game time is also expected.”

Meanwhile, the KBO decided to introduce various systems for the 2024 season,

including an automatic ball decision system, expansion of base size, and restrictions on defensive shifts.

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