Professional baseball pitch clock violations, Lotte the most 10.24 times per game

KT ranks first with 3.31 violations per game

The team that violated the pitch clock the most, which limits pitching and batting preparation time, was the Lotte Giants.

On the 29th, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced the status of pitch clock violations this season.

As of the 28th, there were a total of 1,818 pitch clock violations in 153 games, with an average of 11.88 per game. The average number of violations per game recorded until March was well over 5.85.

The team that violated the pitch clock the most was Lotte. Lotte committed 10.24 violations per game (297 total).

Lotte pitchers violated the pitch clock 176 times when there were runners on base and 40 times when there were no runners on base. The batters also committed 71 errors and the catcher 10 times.

Hanwha Eagles followed Lotte with 8.20 per game. Hanwha hitters recorded 129 violations, more than half of the team’s total number of violations (246).

Hanwha is the only player with more than 100 pitch clock violations. KT Wiz was shown to be the team that kept the pitch clock the best, recording an average of 3.31 violations per game. The KBO is piloting a pitch clock this year. A pitcher must pitch within 23 seconds when there are runners on base and within 18 seconds when there are no runners on base. The catcher must be ready to hit when the pitch clock remaining time is 8 seconds. Until this year, when the pilot operation begins, only a brief warning will be received if the pitch clock is violated. 토토사이트

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