‘National team managerial candidate’ Günesch ruled out return to South Korea…but in contact with parent club Besiktas

The departure of coach Sérénol Guinness, 71, to South Korea could be in jeopardy.

“Guinness and Vestassi’s board of directors met for the first time,” Turquoise media outlet NTV Sport reported on Aug. 8 (KST), “and it is believed that they exchanged views on whether to appoint a new coach.”

Günesch’s move to Besiktas is hardly a surprise. Günesch was already appointed head coach of Besiktas in 2015 and will stay until 2019, having led the club to the top of the Turkkiye 스포츠토토사이트 stage in the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons.

Besiktas and Günesü’s relationship didn’t end there. Guinness took over the reins of the club in October 2022 after Besiktas’ vacancy and quickly turned the club around, leading them to the UEFA Conference in the 2022/23 season.

However, Günesch abruptly left the club in 2022/23, leaving Besiktası cruising. The ostensible reason for his departure was due to poor results, but this was not the main reason as Besiktas had won 16 games, drawn 5 and lost 2 in 23 matches in the Turkkiye Super Lig.

In reality, the conflict with former Besiktas president Ahmet Nur Sevi was the decisive factor. Arat, the current president of Besiktas, has indirectly acknowledged the situation in past interviews with the media, saying, “I will not repeat the same mistakes that Günüş and Sevi made.”

The speculation of Günesch’s return to Turkkiye was further strengthened when Turkkiye media outlet Enson Haber reported that “Chairman Arat Besiktası had talks with Hanji Flick and Nuri Sahin to appoint the next coach, but the talks did not yield good results, and he met with Günesch afterward.”

If Guinness chooses to bring back Toure, as reported by the media, it will be a disappointing outcome for South Korea. He had been rumored to be the next coach of the national team ever since Klinsmann was sacked after a near-miss at the Asian Cup in February.

In an interview with ‘KBS’ on March 4, Günesch said, “The three years I spent in Korea as FC Seoul coach were full of pleasant memories. I want to spend the rest of my soccer life with the Korean national team,” he said, expressing his strong desire to become the next head coach of the Korean national team.

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