The Kia Tigers suffered their first back-to-back losses

The Kia Tigers have been cruising since the start of the season, but red flags are starting to appear. They have suffered their first back-to-back losses as the number of injuries has increased.

It’s still early in the season, and with the win-loss margin they built up in their opening four games, they have some breathing room. However, this is not a situation to be taken lightly, as a small hole could bring down the dike.

Injuries are something to watch out for. Starting with the injury to infielder Yoon Do-hyun at the end of spring training, the team lost No. 4 hitter Na Sung-beom to a hamstring (back thigh muscle) injury in the exhibition game. Hwang Dae-in, who had been hitting well after the Wasin consultation, also suffered a hamstring injury. Right-handed sidearm Im Ki-young, who had been the bullpen’s all-weather man, was also scratched due to an adductor muscle injury. Shortstop Park Chan-ho was removed from the first-team roster on July 7 against Gwangju Samsung due to back pain.

The result of the departures was a loss.

After opening the season with five wins in six games, including four straight, KIA went 1-3 in six games last week. In the 6-10 loss to KT Suwon on Feb. 2, the team was disappointed to lose Im Ki-young late in the game. In the series sweep of Gwangju Samsung Electronics on June 6-7, the absence of Na Sung-beom Park Chan-ho, who could have energized the batting lineup, was a big issue.

Kia utilized Hwang Dae-in early in the season by placing Choi Hyung-woo in the No. 4 spot and sending Lee Woo-sung to right field, 안전놀이터 추천 where he was intended to play first base. After Hwang Dae-in went down with an injury, the team focused on maximizing the outfield depth of Lee Chang-jin, Go Jong-wook, and Kim Ho-ryung by running the Seo Geon-chang-Yi Woo-sung rotation. After Park Chan-ho’s injury, Seo moved to leadoff and utilized “reserve” Park Min, who studied abroad in Australian baseball. In the bullpen, Hwang Dong-ha took over the long-relief role.

It was enough to see the strength of Kia.

Depths, who won four straight games while filling the void left by injuries. However, as the number of injuries began to pile up after the opening day, the mound was narrowed and fatigue seemed to set in quickly. The bullpen, which had a zero ERA, is cracking, and the batting lineup seems to be slowing down.

Yoon Do-hyun and Na Sung-beom are expected to return as early as the end of this month. Park Chan-ho’s injury isn’t too severe, so he could return in 10 days. Im Ki-young and Hwang Dae-in are expected to return after May.

Kia will start the season on September 9 against LG in Gwangju, followed by Hanwha, SSG, NC, and Kiwoom.

The results against LG, which is the favorite to win the championship along with KIA, and the other four teams with significant early-season momentum will have a significant impact on KIA’s progress this season.

This is the first crisis of the season for KIA and head coach Lee Beom-ho. The big April matchup will determine the success or failure of KIA’s first half of the season.

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