The number of cases? ArticleSurvived association chairman’s team Busan Central High School

Busan Jungang High School won another game against Jeonju in the spring. This time, it was a come-from-behind win in the fourth quarter.

Jeonju led by 10 points in the second quarter and seemed to be on track for an easy victory. With strong defense and the height of Lee Jung-ho, Busan Joongang scored seven points in the third quarter, and in the fourth quarter, Park Joo-young, Jung Myung-geun, and Jeon Ye-chan made a comeback.

Trailing 74-77, a turnover with 7.8 seconds left was unfortunate for Jeon Ju-ju. Depending on the viewing angle, 바카라사이트 it could have been a different outcome.

Busan Jungang High School lost 61-79 to Cheonan Ssangyong Go in the first game of the preliminary round. The next day, Cheonan Ssangyong defeated Cheongju Shinshung 88-75 to advance to the finals with two wins. Jeonju, who defeated Cheongju Shinshin High School 110-74, will prepare for the final game against Cheonan Ssangyong with one loss.

Cheonan Ssangyongo has two wins and Cheongju Shinshung has two losses. Busan Jungang High School and Jeonju have one win and one loss, with Busan Jungang High School facing Cheongju Shinshung and Jeonju facing Cheonan Ssangyong. The number of complicated cases depends on the outcome.

If Jeonju and Busan Joongang both win, they will be tied with Cheonan Ssangyong Go. If both teams lose, they’ll be tied with Cheongju Shinshung. Goal difference. This is something we’ve seen a lot with the Korean national soccer team at the World Cup.

Busan Jungang High also had to settle for a goal difference in the spring season. They tied with Hongdae Boo Go and Murong Go with two wins and one loss, but were eliminated from the qualifiers. In last year’s association championship, they won two games after losing the first round and tied on goal difference with Sangsan Electronics and Cheongju Shinheung. After passing the qualifiers, they advanced to the quarterfinals with the help of the bracket.

Last year’s final qualifying game was also against Cheongju Shinshung High School. They won 84-49 to finish first in their group. They defeated Yeosu Hwayang in the first round of the finals and Hongdae Bugo in the next round to finish third.

This year’s tournament is a tough one. Last year, we only needed to beat Cheongju New School by a large margin. This year, we need to beat Cheongju, and then hope that either Cheonan Ssangyong will win or Jeonju will win by more than 20 points. There is no way they can qualify on their own.

Busan Jungang Go is a team from the Association Championship. They won their first championship in the Association Championship. The stage of the movie Rebound is also the Association Championship. Last year’s fourth-place finish was Busan Jungang High’s best result in 2023.

Will they be able to create a miracle again this time? It’s not easy. It’s a tough situation for the players, but it’s exciting for the fans.

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