“(Ryu) Hyun-jin, can I wait for you in Australia?”

“(Ryu) Hyun-jin, can I wait for you in Australia?”

Lee Tae-yang (34-Hanwha Eagles) conducted personal training in Okinawa, Japan, ahead of this year’s spring training.

It’s known as “Ryu Hyun-jin minicamp. Ryu joined the Hanwha Eagles in 2006 and was an “ace,” winning both the Rookie of the Year and regular season MVP honors in his first year. He went on to win 98 games by 2012, and then went on to have a successful Major League Baseball career.

He became a free agent with the Toronto Blue Jays after last season and is looking for a new team. In addition to staying with a major league club, he is also considering returning to Hanwha.

Ryu trained with fellow Hanwha players Lee Tae-yang, Jang Min-jae, Kim Ki-jung, and Nam Ji-min in Okinawa, Japan, during the offseason. 토토사이트 Despite his short stay, Ryu was generous in passing on his know-how.

“I hadn’t been able to go for a few years because of the coronavirus, but I went this time, and he helped me a lot in every workout,” said Lee Tae-yang.

The players also asked him directly about his return to Hanwha.

“I kept teasing him and asking him, ‘When are you coming,’ and ‘Can I wait in Australia (for the first spring training),'” said Lee Tae-yang, adding, “It would be best if he came directly to Hanwha this year, but I’ll support him no matter what he chooses.”

Ryu also expressed his desire to finish his career with Hanwha, even if it’s not this season.

Lee hopes that when Ryu comes back, he’ll really be looking to win. For now, the first goal is fall baseball.

“It would be great to win the championship right away this year, but I think the team needs to be strengthened by playing fall baseball first. I think we need to go through that process to become a real powerhouse and a team that can always surpass the championship. We need to build a good foundation so that we can challenge for a real championship later on.” “I support Hyun-jin no matter what he decides to do. However, he can come at any time, so if we become a solid team, I think Hyun-jin will be able to exert more power when he comes.”

Although the signing of Ryu is not a sure thing,

Hanwha has made solid additions to its lineup this season. In the infield, they signed Ahn Chi-hong for 4+2 years and a total of 7.2 billion won. In the outfield, the team added defensive veteran Kim Kang-min in the second round of the draft and experienced catcher Lee Jae-won.

Lee Tae-yang said, “The veteran brothers and (Ahn) Chi-hong came to perform this year. The club also recruited them expecting results. I think the players know that and should show it on the field instead of always saying ‘we will go to the postseason’.” “We have a lot of players who don’t have a lot of experience. There are players who have tons of experience, but the way they look at it is different. If the younger players feel that quickly, I think our team will be better.”

Lee Tae-yang is also determined to improve.

In 50 games last year, Lee went 3-3 with a 3.23 ERA and two shutouts. She started 12 games and pitched in 38 games in relief. As an “all-around pitcher” who can start and relieve, he was often forced to switch positions depending on the team’s situation. “I think I have a lot of strengths,” said Lee. Not everyone can maintain their performance while changing positions in the middle of the season. I feel proud of that, and it gives me a chance to prepare even more.”

This year, she will be competing for a starting spot. “Peña, Sanchez, and Moon will be in the starting rotation as planned unless there are any major injuries,” said Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho. The fourth and fifth spots will be up for grabs between experienced and young players. Kim Min-woo and Lee Tae-yang will compete for one spot, 토토사이트 추천 and one of Hwang Jun-seo and Kim Ki-jung will fill the other.”

Lee Tae-yang said, “The coach has said that he considers me a candidate for selection, so I think I should prepare accordingly. I’m not greedy for the position, but I keep throwing where I need to, so I plan to prepare according to the team’s situation this year.”

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