Rookie Bae Basketball Tournament with TwoNTBucks, Kangseo Thunders the best in the secondary division

The Gangseo Thunders are crowned king of the kingdom.

The Gangseo Thunders won the secondary school championship at the ‘2023 Rookie Bae Basketball Tournament with TwoNTBucks’ held at Incheon Dowon Gymnasium on the 25th.

Basketball magazine Rookie held a total of five Rookie Bae youth basketball tournaments in 2023, starting with the first one in February last year. The tournament is a competition that brings together the winning and runner-up teams from the previous five tournaments to determine the strongest. The tournament was divided into elementary and 현금홀덤사이트 secondary divisions.

While the primary division ended with KOREA winning the championship, the secondary division started in the afternoon. In Group A, it was a battle of the Samsungs, with teams from Namyangju Samsung, Incheon Samsung, and Bucheon Samsung. The semifinals were won by Namyangju Samsung and Incheon Samsung.

In Group B, the Gangseo Thunders and KOREA were the dominant teams. Their lineup was also formidable, but they fell short of the semifinals after a hard-fought battle between the two teams.

In the first game of the semifinals between Namyangju Samsung and KOREA, Namyangju Samsung came out victorious. After winning the primary and secondary titles, KOREA was looking for a clean sweep, but Namyangju Samsung showed great resilience in the final minutes. In the end, they were able to hold on to their lead.

The match between the Gangseo Thunders and Incheon Samsung was seized by the Gangseo Thunders. The Gangseo Thunders used strong pressure defense to open up a gap early on and held on to their advantage despite their opponents not giving up for the rest of the game.

Another Samsung Derby, the final was a classic matchup. It was a very high level game at the youth level, not the elite level.

The first half was dominated by the Gangseo Thunders, but the game was thrown into a quagmire when Namyangju Samsung stormed back at the start of the second half. The Gangseo Thunders quickly regained control of the situation and slowly pulled away thanks to their solid defense.

Gangseo Thunder struck at a crucial time. After grabbing an offensive rebound, they capitalized on an end-one play and hit a three-pointer to extend their lead to 10 points.

Namyangju Samsung also showed incredible hindsight, hitting their outside shots down the stretch. They hit three three-pointers to cut the deficit to one point. But there was too little time left. The Gangseo Thunders held on to their lead and won the title.

The top secondary school team received a trophy, certificate, and a 2NTBUX performance t-shirt for each player. The runner-up team, Sirius, received a trophy, a certificate, and 12 SK Knights team tumblers.

The MVP of the secondary division was Lee Hyun-woo of the Gangseo Thunders. As MVP, Hyun-woo received a trophy and certificate, as well as an AGS backpack and a performance t-shirt.

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