Park Min-kyung, 3rd Place in the Women’s 64kg Class

Park Min-kyung, 3rd Place in the Women’s 64kg Class at the Asian Weightlifting Championships… The Winner is North Korea’s Ri Sook

Park Min-kyung (27, Gyeongbuk Development Corporation) ranked third in the women’s 64kg class at the Asian Weightlifting Championships.

Park Min-kyung lifted 86kg in snatch, 116kg in clean and jerk, and 202kg in total in the women’s 64kg class competition at the 2024 Asian Weightlifting Championships held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on the 6th (local time).

Although he only placed 4th in the snatch, he moved up to 3rd in the clean and jerk, and also took 3rd in the all-important total. 바카라사이트

Park Min-kyung

Unlike the Olympics and Asian Games, where medals are awarded only for total records, at the Asian Weightlifting Championships medals are awarded for snatch, clean and jerk, and total records.

On this day, Park Min-kyung hung her two bronze medals around her neck.

Ji-an Han (28, Daejeon Metropolitan Sports Council), who also competed,

won a bronze medal in the snatch by lifting 88 kg.

In the clean and jerk she was pushed to 6th place at 105 kg, and in the total (193 kg) she finished 5th.

In this weight class, Ri Sook (20, North Korea) won comfortably by lifting 112 kg in snatch,

141 kg in clean and jerk, and 253 kg in total.

The record of Lee Wei-ja (23, Taiwan), who ranked second in total,

was 203 kg (85 kg in snatch, 118 kg in jerk and jerk).

Park Joo-hyo (26, Goyang City Hall) in the men’s 73kg class won a bronze medal only in the clean and jerk.

Park Joo-hyo lifted 141kg in snatch, 186kg in jerk and jerk, and 327kg in total.

He ranked 9th in the snatch and performed well in the clean and jerk,

but his overall ranking (5th) did not increase significantly.

In this weight class, Ramat Erwin Abdullah (23, Indonesia) took the top spot by lifting 159 kg in snatch,

204 kg in clean and jerk, and 363 kg in total.

After breaking his own world record for clean and jerk of 201 kg by 3 kg,

Erwin Abdullah performed a unique ‘bodybuilder ceremony’.

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