SSG, Which ‘Lost its Leader’, Wraps up Training in Kagoshima

SSG, which ‘lost its leader’, wraps up training in Kagoshima from the 1st to the 24th… Absolutely not enough coaches

Professional baseball SSG Landers will be conducting final training in Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan from the 1st to the 24th.

SSG Landers

SSG announced on the 1st, “We will be holding a finishing camp abroad for the first time in four years since 2019,” and “It will be held with the goal of nurturing promising players through intensive technical training.”

26 players, including pitchers Song Young-jin, Lee Ro-woon, and Seo Sang-jun, catcher Cho Hyeong-woo, infielders Choi Jun-woo and Ahn Sang-hyun, and outfielder Choi Sang-min, were included in the final training list. 스포츠토토

In fact, what attracts more attention is the list of coaching staff.

SSG suddenly dismissed former coach Kim Won-hyung on October 31, a day before the final training session.

Official Coaches

Coaches Kim Min-jae, Jeong Kyeong-bae, Jo Woong-cheon, and Jeong Sang-ho have already left the team, and coaches Park Jeong-kwon, Chae Byeong-yong, Son Ji-hwan, and Lee Jin-young have been notified that their contracts cannot be renewed, leaving only a few ‘official coaches’ remaining in SSG.

Although several coaches have been recruited, the club has not yet made an ‘official announcement’ regarding the recruitment of coaches.

The ‘lack of coaches’ is also evident in the list of coaching staff at the finishing camp.

SSG listed 9 names on the coaching staff list for the final camp.

However, four of them are rehabilitation and conditioning coaches.

Former Baseball Players

Only five coaches, including Futures general manager Lee Dae-su, pitcher Kim Dong-ho, batting assistant Oh Jun-hyuk, fielder Yoon Jae-guk, and base running coach Lim Jae-hyeon, are former baseball players and have ‘positions’.

Looking at the composition of the coaching staff at other clubs’ finishing camps, SSG’s lack of coaches is clearly revealed.

The Hanwha Eagles’ coaching staff, which began final training in Miyazaki, Japan on the 1st,

has a total of 11 members, including coach Choi Won-ho, of which 3 are training coaches.

Eight people are coaches with positions such as batting, pitcher, base running, and battery.

SSG cannot provide ‘high-intensity technical training’ with only the coaches on its list.

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