Lydia Go, who joined hands with coach Lee Si-woo, said she was looking forward to the Paris Olympics

Lydia Go’s game.

Lydia Go (New Zealand), who won medals in both previous Olympics, expressed extraordinary expectations for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

At an official press conference on the 18th (Korean time), a day before the opening of the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions, the first tournament of the LPGA tour season, Lydia Go said, “I’m really looking forward to the Paris Olympics,” and “Maybe this is the last time.” “It could be (participation in the Olympics), but it could also be a fairy tale ending where we collect medals of all colors,” he said, quietly hinting at his hopes for a gold medal.

Lydia Go won a silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics and a bronze medal at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

‘Collecting medals of all colors’ appears to be a desire to win a gold medal this time.

Lydia Go also said, “The Los Angeles Olympics will be held in 5 years. I don’t know if I will still be an athlete by then,” but added, “I sometimes joke that I am an Olympic athlete and not an athlete. I am excited about the fact that I can represent New Zealand at any time. “I am truly honored and grateful,” he said, looking forward to competing in the Los Angeles Olympics.

Lydia Ko, who had a difficult season last year due to poor swing, revealed that she is working with coach Lee Si-woo, who teaches Ko Jin-young’s swing, to correct her swing.

Lydia Ko, who briefly received advice from Coach Lee Si-woo in 2022, met in person at the end of last year and has been receiving instruction through video and text since then.

Lydia Ko introduced, “They told me to do a lot of practice swings without hitting the golf ball, so I’m doing that practice more often. In some ways, I think I thought it was too complicated. It’s simpler, go back to the basics.” “I’m trying to go,” he explained.

He said, “I thought the driver shot was the problem. In fact, it was difficult because my driver shot was poor. So I spent time practicing my driver shot and neglected my short game practice. But in the past, I won regardless of whether my tee shot was good or bad. Of course, I won from the fairway.” “If you drop more, you will create birdie opportunities more often, but balance is important,” he added.

Lydia Ko and Jason Day won the PGA/LPGA mixed tournament in November 2023.

Lydia Go went on to say that the Grant Thornton Invitational, a co-ed event that she won on the 11th of last month with Jason Day (Australia), served as an opportunity to regain her confidence.

Lydia Ko, who said she felt sorry for Day because her shot was so bad during the practice round, sent a video of her shot to Coach Lee Si-woo and was praised for hitting it straight and well, and said she was getting better.

Lydia Go, who is still newlywed, said she plans to compete in 27 competitions this year.

Lydia Go said, “Last year, I reduced my participation in competitions a lot due to my honeymoon, but I have no regrets.” She also said, “I will plan a schedule similar to when I was a rookie,” and expressed her determination to regain the top player position again this year. 토토사이트

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