Pro soccer K-League 1 Jeonbuk Hyundai announced on the 22nd that it has recruited Brazilian striker Marcus Vinicius (registered name Vinicius).Vinicius, who joined Independiente Santa Fe in Colombia’s first division Primera A in 2021, played as a starting wing forward for Atletico Huila last season and scored 14 points in 45 games.Vinicius is a winger who is active and has the ability to score goals.The club described Vinicius as “a playmaker-type striker with a wide vision, who is good at switching offense and defense and building up, and is excellent at breaking through the defense using Brazil’s unique foot skills.”

Jeonbuk said, “It appears that they will create a variety of attack routes, such as utilizing the space on the side when penetrating from the left wing to the center,” and added, “The creative play that comes from relaxed play and excellent soccer sense under pressure from the opponent will bring cheers from the fans.” I expected that.Ahead of the 2024 season, Jeonbuk recruited ‘K League experienced players’ Thiago and Hernández and added Vinicius to form a Brazilian triangle.Vinicius said, “I agreed that if we were to challenge on the Asian stage, the best team would definitely be Jeonbuk,” and pledged, “I will definitely succeed and achieve Jeonbuk’s 카지노사이트킹 championship and K-League dream.”

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