“It’s okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to lose,” says a student who wants growth over grades

Coach Kim emphasized growth, not grades.

Most middle and high school basketball teams start winter training in January. They participate in various local stobrigs or work on their own physical fitness. They focus on “improving their practical sense” or “improving their physical strength.

The same goes for the Bonguijung Middle School basketball team. However, they are still preparing for winter training. 토토사이트 순위 After preparing their bodies for winter training, they plan to improve their game.

“We went to the Hongcheon Spring Camp in January,” says coach Kim Yang-woo. We started playing practice matches in earnest there, and now we will participate in the Stobrig in Onyang. We will use the practice matches to get in sync and fill in the gaps. After that, we’ll start training again in February,” he said, explaining his off-season plans.

“Right now, we’re focusing on the basics. The players are not very tall. So we’re focusing on defense. If the defense is successful, we are preparing for a quick offense.”

In Bonguijung, two main players graduated and left the middle school. “Last year, two of our main players graduated. It’s difficult for us to start over. Especially the taller players left. There are gaps from the graduates. But we’re better than we were at the beginning. We have experience, and we’re training hard. I think we’ll be similar to last year’s team,” he said, explaining the team’s strength,

“We weren’t a tall team last year either, but of course we were taller than this time. (Laughs) Anyway, we’re going to keep the existing team colors,” he said with a team curl.

Two departed, but five freshmen joined the team during practice. “They’ve been playing well since elementary school,” Kim said. Some of them are now over 170 centimeters tall. It’s too early to start them this year. However, they are very good at bringing up good players from elementary school, so I am grateful for that,” he said about the freshmen.

“Then we got five more, so we have 12 total. We have four juniors and three sophomores. They’re all working hard, but I’m looking forward to the third-year players. They have the fundamentals and they keep playing. None of them are particularly good. But they have their own strengths. (Han) Yedam, (Kim) Jimin, (Lim) Sejeong, and (Kim) Yejin are all attractive. If the four of them play well and hold the center, I think we can achieve good results,” he said, expressing his expectations for the third-year players.

In conclusion, Coach Kim said, “They are growing up rather than their performance right now. They need to gain experience in middle school. It’s okay to make mistakes and lose. I want them to build on these things. They need to become players who can explode at important moments. To do that, you have to have the confidence to fail. That’s what I emphasize,” he concluded the interview.

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