A Young Player is Coming up Park Se-hyuk who was Erased in the Fall

NC Dinos were a premium supporting player in last year’s postseason. Although advancement to the Korean Series was canceled and the LG Twins took the honor of winning

NC warmed the hearts of fans in 9 games from the wild card game to the playoffs. 

There was also a record of 6 consecutive wins in a single postseason and 9 consecutive wins in the postseason including the 2020 Korean Series.

He did not follow the baseball cliché that experience is important in big games. Kim Young-gyu, Kim Joo-won, and Kim Hyeong-jun, 토토사이트 순위

former national team members at the Hangzhou Asian Games, played a big role in offense and defense. In particular,

catcher Kim Hyeong-jun took a hiatus due to rehabilitation after knee surgery, and even during the rehabilitation process, injuries occurred so he did not play much in the regular season,

but he established himself as a starting player in the postseason. Naturally, Park Se-hyuk’s name was slowly forgotten.

Although his pride may have been hurt, Park Se-hyuk did not lose his smile throughout his postseason. And in 2024, he vowed to stand up. With that promise in mind,

he prepared thoroughly for the off-season. He looked back at himself coldly.

After finishing the NC New Year’s event on the 8th, Park Se-hyuk said, “A new season has begun.

There is about a month left in camp, but it is my second year at NC, and as I become more senior on the team, I feel a sense of responsibility. It feels different from last year.”

revealed. Regarding the first season of FA, he said, “When I first came, my goal was to finish in the top 5. I also wanted to finish on the highest level. Still, it was good to finish with good results.

There were some disappointing points. It was a disappointing season because there were painful areas.”

Park Se-hyuk was excluded from the first team in April last year after being hit on the head by SSG Guillermo Heredia’s bat while fielding, and in August due to a left wrist injury.

He said, “Personally, I wanted to prepare quietly, so I went to centers to get help and prepared while thinking about my shortcomings and the places where I was hurt.

I will be entering the United States the day after tomorrow. I left with the thought of preparing without regrets.”

He said that in his entire career, he has never had a season with as many injuries as last year.

He has been out for a long time after being hit by a pitch, but he has not been out due to multiple injuries like last year. Park Se-hyuk said

I didn’t have many minor injuries, but last year, my wrist hurt for the first time, so I had to go to rehabilitation. It was almost my first time experiencing something like that.

It was hard to prepare, and I wanted to get better quickly, but recovery was slow.

I was disappointed about that time. I was not doing well at that time.” “I thought that if I had done that, the team would have finished in a higher position. I thought it was really important to take care of my body after the season ended,” he said.

In the United States, I plan to meet Kang Jeong-ho, who runs an academy, and train with him. In NC, Son Ah-seop succeeded in rebounding after attending Kang Jeong-ho Academy.

Son Ah-seop, whose batting average was only 0.277 in 2022, ranked first in this category with a batting average of 0.339 after preparing for the season with Kang Jung-ho before spring camp last year.

Park Se-hyuk said, “I think (Son) Ah-seop also went to the United States because he felt a barrier,” and added, “Last year, I couldn’t go to many games at the end.

I have a lot of postseason experience and wanted to play a lot, but it’s my fault that I couldn’t go. It’s me.

I thought a lot about it. I thought about how I should prepare and came to the conclusion that I should go in in advance and prepare a lot,” he said, calmly reflecting on himself.

Regarding what he felt while watching the game from the bench, he said, “Just because I want to go doesn’t mean I can, so I have nothing to say about that.

I accept it. I think I couldn’t go because I wasn’t good enough and was sick. That time was an experience and study. “The desire to participate in the game has grown even more.

This year, I decided to prepare well and not be shaken by any situation,” he said.

He also said, “A young player (Kim Hyeong-jun) is coming up, so I’m not going to show off my pride just because I’m a senior. I’m trying to prepare according to reality.

I said I’d prepare without regrets, but regardless of the surrounding situation, if I prepare well, I can be helpful to the team.” “I think Kim Hyeong-jun is a good player.

That’s a fact I can’t deny. He’s doing well even as a member of the national team. Aside from that, I felt that I had to be prepared,” he said.

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