Professional volleyball, Asia quota expanded from 10 countries to 65 countries next year

 Asian quota players of various nationalities are expected to play in professional volleyball in the next season.The Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) announced the results of the 3rd board meeting on the 19th and said, “We decided to expand the countries eligible for the Asian quota for the next season.”

KOVO said, “The existing Asian quota players were selected from a total of 10 countries, including 4 East Asian countries (Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong) and 6 Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar), but starting next season, the Asian Volleyball Federation “We decided to select from all 65 member countries registered with (AVC),” he explained.The Asian quota was introduced this season to balance league power and improve performance. Asian quarter players are creating a new wave in professional volleyball with skills that exceed expectations.In particular, the women’s division has many players who are performing as well as existing foreign players.In accordance with the changed regulations, each club plans to select Asian quota players from 65 countries through a tryout method in April next year.The venue for foreign player tryouts has also been decided.It is scheduled to be held for 8 days in Dubai, 스포츠토토존 United Arab Emirates (UAE) starting May 5th next year.

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