Anecdote Championship cup, Pohang comeback winning goal uniform K League ‘rare items’ in one place

 From the 1995 championship trophy kept at the Unification Church Museum to the uniform worn by Kim Won-il, the protagonist of the 2013 Pohang Steelers’ comeback winning goal.The exhibition ‘K League: The Universe’, which provides a glimpse into the 40-year history of the professional soccer K League in one place, will be held at Yeongdeungpo Art Square on the second basement level of Times Square in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul on the 22nd.At the press preview held on the 21st, we were able to see in advance the valuable ‘materials’ that can only be accessed through this exhibition.Upon entering the exhibition hall, fans are greeted by all the K-League championship trophies that have ever existed.A total of 10 trophies are on display, from the first trophy in 1983 to the K League 1 and K League 2 trophies currently in use.

Among these, the trophies won by Ilhwa, the predecessor of Seongnam FC, in 1995 and 2002 were borrowed with difficulty by the Korea Professional Football League with the cooperation of the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum, operated by the Unification Church Foundation. Cheon Jeong Gung Museum is known to be difficult for the general public to enter.It is a trophy that it is unknown when it will be revealed again once The Universe exhibition ends.The most eye-catching thing in the exhibition is the ‘Mosaic Video’, a compilation of 1,080 famous scenes from the 40 years of the K League.In the video that divides the large screen into 36 sections, famous scenes that mix the present and the past are played simultaneously.Lee Dong-gook and Ahn Jung-hwan’s prime, Kim Byeong-ji’s header goal, Steel Yard’s old days, ‘bad boy’ Lee Cheon-soo’s performance scenes, and the youthful faces of Ki Sung-yong and Lee Chung-yong, who are now veterans, 무료슬롯게임 at the time of their debut, pass by.

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