“Kim Min-hyuk’s injury is more painful than Kang Baek-ho’s.”KT WIZ manager Lee Kang-cheol said this when asked about Kang Baek-ho, who was sidelined with a torn side muscle ahead of the KBO Playoffs (PO) against the NC Dinos. Lee expressed more frustration about not being able to use star outfielder Kim Min-hyuk as a starter than he did about Kang Baek-ho’s season-ending injury, as the latter can only be used as a pinch hitter after tearing a thigh muscle during a game in September .There was a reason. The left-handed hitting outfielder was needed because KT’s lineup is comprised of mostly right-handed hitters and NC’s bullpen is predominantly right-handed.

Lee Kang-cheol was even more disappointed because Kim Min-hyuk was impressive in every important game of the regular season. Much to Lee’s disappointment, Kim did his part in the NC and PO.He produced a hit and a walk as a pinch hitter in Game 1 on the 30th and Game 2 on the 31st of last month, respectively, and also drew a walk as a pinch hitter in Game 4 on the 3rd.The hidden card, Kim Min-hyuk, exploded again in Game 5 of the NC and PO at Katie Weeds Park in Suwon on the 5th.

Trailing 0-2 바카라사이트 in the bottom of the fifth inning, he pinch-hit for Oh Yoon-seok with runners on first and third and chased the opposing starter, Shin Min-hyuk, who had previously thrown a no-hitter .Shin fought off a full count by throwing five consecutive pitches, including his main weapon, a changeup that fell just outside the left-field line .Shin threw another changeup, and Kim didn’t miss it.He swung wildly and hit a timely two-run double that landed in the right field seats.

It was a celestial hit that tied the game .Gritting his teeth, Kim Min-hyuk reached second base and immediately pumped his fist to express his joy. KT got the game back on track with Kim Min-hyuk’s ‘one hit’. KT stepped on the stepping stone laid by Kim Min-hyuk and managed to come back in the bottom of the seventh inning to beat NC 3-2 and punch their ticket to the Korean Series.

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