He was Displeased with Being Called ‘North Korea’

He was displeased with being called ‘North Korea’… North Korea marks South Korea as ‘puppet’

North Korea, which seemed uncomfortable with being referred to as ‘North Korea’, referred to South Korea’s country name as ‘puppet’ while reporting the results of the North-South women’s soccer match at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

National Team

North Korea’s Chosun Central TV called the South Korean national team a ‘puppet team’ in a news report on the 2nd while reporting the results of the South Korea-North Korea women’s soccer quarterfinal match at the Hangzhou Asian Games held on the 30th of last month.

An announcer at Chosun Central TV said, “The women’s soccer quarterfinal match between our country’s team and the puppet team was held on September 30.”

The word ‘Puppet’ was also displayed on the TV screen instead of the country’s name. 바카라사이트

North Korea has generally used the name ‘South Korea’ when referring to South Korea.

The expression ‘puppet’ was generally used by North Korea with the intention of downgrading South Korea when inter-Korean relations deteriorated.

According to the standard Korean dictionary, puppet refers to various puppets that appear in puppet play.

It is also a metaphorical term for a person or organization that operates under the control of others.

North Korea

The North Korean dictionary defines it as ‘a national traitor or a political group of such people who sell out their country and people while being subordinate to foreign invaders,

including imperialists, and acting as their stooges.’

North Korea objected to South Korea’s expressions of ‘North Korea’ and ‘North Korea’ during the Hangzhou Asian Games.

On the 30th of last month, North Korean women’s soccer team coach Ri Yu-il held a press conference after winning the quarterfinals against South Korea.

When South Korean reporters referred to North Korea as ‘North Korea,’

he responded, “It’s not North Korea, it’s the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Please correct that. Otherwise question He said, “I will not answer.”

He also confirmed again with the reporter who asked the question, “Did you understand?”

A day earlier, on the 29th, at a press conference held after losing in the women’s basketball match between North and South Korea,

a North Korean team official also said to reporters who called us ‘North Korea’,

“Don’t call us North Korea.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. ),” he pointed out.

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