After Being Called ‘North Korea’, People are Upset

[Asian Games] After Being Called ‘North Korea’, People are Upset About Being Called ‘North Korea’… “Let’s do it Right Away”

Women’s soccer coach Ri Yu-il reacts sensitively after women’s basketball, attitude changes from previous times when North Korea did not take issue with it

Ri Yu-il

North Korean athletes showed sensitive reactions to South Korean reporters day after day over the title of the national anthem at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. 카지노

Ri Yu-il, coach of the North Korean women’s national soccer team, strongly protested when a South Korean reporter called North Korea “North Korea” at a press conference held after the team’s quarterfinal victory over South Korea held at the Wenzhou Sports Center Stadium in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, on the afternoon of the 30th.

As if reprimanding the reporter, Director Lee emphasized, “It’s not North Korea,

it’s the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” and “Let’s get it right.”

At a press conference after North Korea lost in the inter-Korean women’s basketball match the day before,

a team official responded to a reporter’s mention of ‘North Korea’ by saying,

“We are ‘DPRK’ (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea).

Don’t call us ‘North Korea’.

It is not good.

He strongly protested, saying, “You have to call me by name correctly.”

North Korea

It is not uncommon for North Korea to demand that ‘North Korea’ be called ‘Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’ at international conventions.

Since the name ‘North Korea’ is basically an expression based on ‘Republic of Korea’,

North Korea finds it uncomfortable.

In 2018, North Korea’s mission to the United Nations took it as a diplomatic issue that the word “North Korea” was written on a tax-exemption card issued by the U.S. government,

North Korea’s soccer team coach Kim Jung-hoon, who visited South Korea during the group stage of the 2009 World Cup in South Africa, also criticized the country.

I requested that the name be written accurately.

For this reason, when there are events where North and South Korea meet,

such as inter-Korean talks or separated family reunions, our reporters usually use the expression

‘North Korea’ in situations where they come into contact with North Koreans,

such as at press conferences.

So far, North Korea has generally not taken issue with such expressions as ‘North Korea’,

but even this expressed strong dissatisfaction at the press conference for this tournament.

This appears to be unrelated to the situation in which the North Korean athletes ignored questions

from South Korean reporters during the competition and gave a ‘cold reception’

while inter-Korean relations have recently deteriorated extremely.

It is said that the North Korean players have a cold attitude not only to reporters

but also to South Korean players with whom they have become close friends through past ‘unification teams’.

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