Sports climber Lee Do-hyun wins silver in men’s combined…

Sport climbing rising star Lee Do-hyun (20-Blackyak) won a silver medal in his first Asian Games.

Lee finished second with a total of 118.7 points (64.6 bouldering, 54.1 lead) in the men’s combined (bouldering-lead) final at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Saturday at the Yangshan Sports Climbing Center in Kirqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, China.

While he was unable to surpass Japan’s “genius climber” Anraku Sorato (17), he outclassed all other competitors.

Anraku won the event with a total of 187.8 points (99.7 bouldering – 88.1 lead) in a dominant performance.

The Combined event consists of bouldering, which involves traversing various man-made structures on a 4.5-meter rock wall without a rope in less than four minutes, and lead, which involves climbing a 15-meter-high man-made wall to its highest point in less than six minutes.

Bouldering at the Asian Games consisted of four boulders (artificial rocks), with 25 points per boulder for a maximum of 100 points.

For each additional attempt, 0.1 points were deducted.

Lee reached the top hold on boulder 1 in two attempts, earning 24.9 points.

However, he failed to reach the 25-point top hold on boulders 2 (9.8 points) and 3 (4.9 points). On hold 4, he got a top hold on his first attempt, earning 25 points.

Lee, who finished fourth in bouldering, battled back from the lead.

In this final run with the 44th hold at the top of 15 meters, Lee took 32 holds and fell while trying to get the next hold, earning a 32+ for 54.1 points.

Fan Yufei (23-China) won the bronze medal with a total of 87.6 points (59.6 bouldering – 28 lead).

Chun Jong-won (27-The North Face), the inaugural men’s combined champion in sport climbing, which was first recognized at Jakarta-Palembang in 2018, finished fourth in the event with a total of 85.6 points (69.6 bouldering, 16 lead). 토토사이트

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