Lee Ji-hoon, Who Overcame Concussion and Won Gold and Silver Medals

[Asian Games] Lee Ji-hoon, Who Overcame Concussion and Won Gold and Silver Medals, Said, “There is no Major Problem”

‘Unlucky from falling from a horse’ Kim Se-hee “I was disappointed with my training so far,

so I didn’t give up and kept going until the end.”

On the 24th, when the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games medal race began,

the modern pentathlon team, which swept 5 medals (2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze),

had a hard time because of the horse.

Lee Ji-hoon

Lee Ji-hoon (LH), a member of the men’s national team preparing for an equestrian competition,

suffered a dizzying fall from his horse in the practice arena 바카라사이트

when the horse he was riding suddenly moved violently.

Officials at the scene say that he suffered from concussion symptoms and even momentarily lost some of his memory.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-hoon, who successfully competed in the horseback riding competition,

completed all the competitions, including the fencing bonus round,

swimming, and laser run (shooting + track and field).

He maintained the lead from the fencing ranking round,

but at the end of the laser run, he allowed Jun Woong-tae (Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall)

to come back and had to be satisfied with second place in the individual event.

However, in the team event, he teamed up with Jeon Woong-tae and Jeong Jin-hwa (LH)

to win the gold and silver medals through fighting spirit. hung around his neck.

Awards Ceremony

After the game, Lee Ji-hoon attended the awards ceremony,

but was unable to interview the medalists and had to go to the hospital to get tested.

Lee Ji-hoon, who came out wearing a neck brace, said, “When I return to Korea,

I will go straight to the hospital and get tested again.”

He added, “I’m happy that we all worked hard and achieved good results.

The women’s national team was hindered by horseback riding in actual competition.

Kim Seon-woo

Except for individual silver medalist Kim Seon-woo (Gyeonggi Provincial Office),

all three athletes received a riding score of ‘0’

as they fell off their horses or passed over obstacles several times.

Considering that the perfect score for completing the race without any problems was 300 points,

we were far from medal contention,

but all athletes completed the race to the end and took the bronze medal in the team event.

Horseback riding, one of the five sports that make up the modern pentathlon,

is highly likely to not be seen after the 2024 Paris Olympics.

As controversy over fairness arose during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, the Union International of Pentathlons Modern (UIPM) decided to exclude horseback riding

from the specific events and introduced and demonstrated Obstacle Discipline,

which involves passing various types of obstacles, as an alternative event.

It is in operation.

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