Korea’s First Medal and 2 Gold Medals that were not Broadcast

[Asian Games] Korea’s First Medal and 2 Gold Medals that were not Broadcast… Modern Pentathlon “We Work Harder”

Jeon Woong-tae “Good energy until the Olympics”…

Seon-Woo Kim “It’s hard and difficult, but it’s a sport with a great sense of accomplishment.”

Modern pentathlon, in which one athlete participates in fencing,

swimming, horseback riding, track and field, and shooting,

gave Korea five medals, including two gold medals, two silver medals, and one bronze medal,

on the first day of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

The Tournament

In particular, Kim Seon-woo (Gyeonggi Provincial Office) won the silver medal in the women’s individual event,

the first medal among the Korean athletes at this tournament, 카지노

Jeon Woong-tae (Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall), the star of the men’s event,

swept the individual and team events to become Korea’s first two-time winner.

Unlike the Summer Olympics, which have a limited number of official events,

the Asian Games, which have a large number of events,

may not be viewed on air because the organizing committee does not produce broadcasts.

Jeon Woong-tae, who won Korea’s first modern pentathlon Olympic medal (bronze medal) at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics,

won his second consecutive individual title following the Jakarta and Palembang competitions five years ago, won the Asian Games for the first time in nine years.

He also contributed to winning the revived team event.

Modern Pentathlon

In modern pentathlon, there are less than 100 registered athletes in the general division in Korea.

Within it, athletes boasting world-class skills were born,

it has established itself as a ‘good sport’ winning medals at the Olympics and Asian Games.

Kim Seon-woo, who won a silver medal in the individual event and a bronze medal in the team event,

said, “It’s hard and difficult, but I think it’s an event that not everyone can do.

He expressed the charm of modern pentathlon, saying,

“Doing all five things gives you a great sense of accomplishment when you get rewarded for your hard training.”

Added, “There are many cases where people pass on to other sports such as swimming,

but many juniors realize that it is a great sport.

He did not forget to promote it, saying, “I hope people can experience modern pentathlon.”

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