“I really want to seize this opportunity” 2nd round mythical dream sono rookie Min Ki-nam

Sono rookie Min Ki-nam (21, 172 cm) is dreaming of a second-round upset.

Goyang Sono and Seoul SK face off in the Group C preliminary round of the 2023 MG SaeMaeGogo KBL Cup 바카라사이트 at Wolmyeong Gymnasium in Gunsan on Wednesday. Min Ki-nam, the third pick in the second round of the 2023 KBL Rookie Draft, played his first official game in a Sono uniform. He recorded three points, one rebound, and three assists in 11 minutes and five seconds.

After the game, Min said, “I was also on the roster for (Seoul) Samsung Electronics, but I didn’t play. Actually, I’m grateful that they put me on the roster. I’m so happy that they gave me the opportunity to play like this. I came in and played with the mindset of revitalizing the team atmosphere and working hard,” he said of his first game.

“I was nervous because there was a lot of singing in the gym and a lot of fans watching, so I think I was a little lost at first, but in the second half I focused and finished well. I asked my brothers a lot about what wasn’t working. Thanks to their feedback, I was able to play well in the second half.”

Min Gi-nam is the only second-round rookie to play in the Cup. He is considered to be less skilled than the first-round rookies, so it’s not easy to put him on the field right away. Nevertheless, Sono coach Kim Seung-ki praised Min’s sincerity, defense, and activity and gave him a chance to play in the Cup.

“What coach (Kim) wants from me is defense. I’m the youngest player on the team and I’m very active, so he wants me to be energetic when things aren’t going well, like today (Dec. 12). That’s my biggest strength. I think that’s why he gave me a chance even though I’m a second-round rookie.” Min said.

However, Min has his flaws. He’s a short guard at 5’11”, which can lead to mismatches on defense. He also needs to improve his three-point shooting percentage, which has been criticized as a weakness.

“When it comes to outside shots, the coach tells me to shoot confidently and not to worry about it when I get a chance. Coach Son Gyu-wan is helping me with my shooting right now. I think I can do it if I follow his words. I think I was able to make one three-pointer today because I was thinking about what he said.”

Rookie Min Ki-nam received a valuable opportunity at the Cup. Sincerity is his biggest weapon, and if he can improve on his shortcomings, he could be a second-round myth. Min Gi-nam’s basketball career is just beginning.

“I don’t think it’s easy for a second-round rookie to get a chance like this. When I enter the game, I will play hard with my head in the game. I want to be a player who can help the team by thinking and studying the coach’s orders and my brothers’ advice, so I want to show the fans interesting plays.”

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