“Choi Jung will break all my records anyway”

Lee Seung-yup’s words become reality

Lee led in home runs, RBIs and runs scored until last year
Choi leads in RBIs and runs scored this year
Choi will break Lee’s home run record next year
Likely to surpass Choi Hyung-woo’s RBIs, who is four years older
Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop

(47-photo), once known as “the people’s hitter,” held the records for most home runs (467), most RBIs (1,498), and most runs scored (1,355) in Korean professional baseball until last year. Whenever he was asked about these records, he would say. 한국야동 “One day, my juniors will surpass me. I think Choi Jung (36-SSG) will break all my records anyway.”

The first record to change hands was the most RBIs. It was KIA’s Choi Hyung-woo (40) who broke the record. Choi surpassed Lee with his 1500th hit against Hanwha on June 20 and now has 1,535 career hits as of June 6.

Unlike other players of his caliber, Choi (SSG) has never played overseas. Instead, he is slowly building a record that few other players in the Korean Professional Baseball League can match.

The record for most runs scored changed hands on the sixth day. Choi Jeong-jeong, whom Lee considered as his successor, became the new owner. Choi, who was tied with Lee for the record with 1,355 runs, doubled in the third inning of the game against Hanwha and came home on Heredia’s single to set a new record. Choi added a run in the top of the seventh inning to record her 83rd run of the season and 1357th of her career.

After the game, Choi said, “Scoring runs is not a record that can be built on my own. I think I’m honored today because I had good teammates,” Choi said after the game, adding, “The more points I score, the more it helps the team win, so I will do my best to score more points in the future.”

Choi joined SK

(now SSG) in 2005 after graduating from Yushin High School and made history in his 19th year, 성인웹툰 starting with six points that year. Choi has never been a top scorer in her career. But after 19 years of accumulating points, finishing in the top 10 eight times, she surpassed Lee. From 2016 to this year, Choi has scored 80 or more runs in eight straight years.

Choi is also on pace to become the all-time leader in career home runs. With 454 career home runs, including 25 this season, he is just 13 shy of Lee’s record. With 30 games left in the season (as of June 6), the record won’t be easy to break this season, but it’s likely that he’ll be the all-time leader in home runs by next year.

The title for most RBIs is also likely to eventually belong to Choi. Choi is currently third on the list with 1,444 RBIs, 91 behind Choi Hyung-woo. However, Choi is four years younger than Choi Hyung-woo. “Even if I hold the record now, (Choi) will eventually break it,” Choi said.

Choi has an unrivaled record for body balls. With one more body ball in the sixth game, Choi has 327 body balls in his career, the most in Korea and the world. In Korea, NC’s Park Seok-min is second with 212, more than 100 behind Choi.

By next year, Choi is likely to top the list for most career at-bats. If Choi, who is third with 8805 career at-bats, 19가이드03 keeps up his current pace, he will surpass Park Yong-taek (9138 at-bats – retired) during next season.

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