Typhoon near Okinawa causes multiple damage.

The southern Japanese island of Okinawa is experiencing a strong rainstorm.

Trees are snapping, and cars in parking lots have been flipped over to reveal their bottoms.

As Typhoon No. 6, Kanun, slowly moves southwest of Okinawa, the island remains in the path of the storm.

The human toll is rising, with a man in his 90s killed when his garage collapsed and more than 30 people injured.

More than 210,000 households, 33% of the prefecture’s total, have lost power, and flights and boats to and from Okinawa have been cut off, stranding more than 65,000 people, including holiday travelers.

Evacuation orders have been issued for hundreds of thousands of residents in Okinawa Prefecture amid fears of low-lying areas being flooded and landslides.

Further damage is also feared for Okinawa, with forecasts suggesting that Typhoon Kanun, which is heading towards China, may turn back towards Japan by the end of the week.

[NHK News: “As it slows down in the East China Sea, there is concern that the effects of heavy rain will be prolonged in the Okinawa region.”]

While the heat wave continues in Tokyo and other metropolitan areas, 먹튀검증 atmospheric instability continues in many places due to the typhoon’s impact.

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