Shin Shin-seo “Next goal is to win two Hangzhou AG gold medals”

Shin Shin-seo, 23, is known as a strong minded 9-dan, but he can’t help but feel the pressure of the Ng Si-Bae, the “Go Olympics”.

“At first, I thought I wasn’t nervous, but I don’t think I slept well,” Shin said after defeating Shaker 9 in the second game of the third final of the 9th Ng Sibae World Go Championship in Shanghai, China, on March 23. “The pressure was quite high, but I thought that I had gained enough experience and shouldn’t repeat my mistakes.” Shin revealed his difficulties.

As the event is held once every four years, there is no guarantee of a second chance if you fail once.

For this reason, Shin Shin-seo said at the opening ceremony a day before the final, “This is my first time in the final, but I’m determined to make it my last.”

“I won’t repeat the memory of losing the championship after winning the first game,” he said after his victory on the 21st.

Shin Shin-seo has a painful memory of losing the first game to China’s Gu Zhihao 9th dan at the inaugural Lanker Cup final in June, where he won the first game but lost the second and third games.

“I thought it was very good in the middle, but I left it loose and it became fine,” he said of the second move that sealed the victory. “When the shaker took his hand out in the center, I was forced to chase (his opponent’s) hemp, and that’s when I thought I won.”

“The national team took a lot of care of me,” he said of his preparation, “I played a lot of games with my teammates at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village, and we worked together on research.”

Having won one of her two goals for the year, Shin now has her sights set on the Hangzhou Asian Games next month.

“I think I can prepare more comfortably for the Asian Games now that I have a big burden off my shoulders,” he said. “I will work on my shorthand a lot for the rest of the month so that I don’t make any mistakes.”

“I am determined to win all my matches at the Asian Games and my goal is to win two gold medals,” he emphasized. 토토사이트

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