Rakeback a Concept in Online Poker Refers a Partial Refund

Rakeback a concept in online poker that refers a partial refund of the rake

A small percentage of the pot that the poker room takes as a fee for hosting the game.

Rakeback is a way for players to receive a portion of the rake

They have contributed back into their accounts,

Which can help offset some of the costs of playing poker 카지노사이트

Potentially increase their overall profits.

Here’s how rakeback works:


In most poker games, a small percentage of each pot is taken

By the poker room as a fee for providing the game and hosting the platform.

This fee is known as the rake.

It’s a way for the poker room to generate revenue from the games.

Rakeback Percentage:

Some poker rooms offer players the option

To receive a portion of the rake they have paid back as rakeback.

The rakeback percentage varies from room to room and

Can range from around 20% to 40% or even higher.

Calculation and Payment:

Rakeback is typically calculated on a weekly or monthly basis,

And the amount is determined by the total rake a player has generated during that period.

The poker room then refunds the specified

Percentage of that rake back to the player’s account.

Benefits of Rakeback:

Cost Offset:

Rakeback can help reduce the overall cost of playing poker,

Especially for players who play frequently or at higher stakes.

Increased Profits:

Rakeback effectively adds to a player’s winnings,

Making it possible for them to increase their profits over time.

Bankroll Boost:

For professional or serious players,

Rakeback can contribute to building and maintaining a healthy poker bankroll.

Rakeback Deals:

Rakeback deals are often offered through affiliate partnerships

Between poker rooms and third-party websites.

Players sign up for a poker room through the affiliate’s link, and in return,

They receive the agreed-upon rakeback percentage.

Terms and Conditions:

It’s important to read and understand

The terms and conditions of rakeback deals.

Some rooms might have specific requirements or restrictions

For earning and receiving rakeback.

Loyalty Programs:

Some poker rooms offer loyalty programs that include rakeback-like benefits,

Where players earn points or rewards based on the rake they generate.

These rewards can include cashback,

Tournament tickets, and other incentives.


It’s worth noting that not all poker rooms offer rakeback,

And the availability and terms of rakeback deals can vary widely.

Additionally, while rakeback can be advantageous for some players,

It might not be as valuable for casual or low-volume players who generate less rake.

Before signing up for a poker room with a rakeback deal,

Carefully consider your playing style, volume,

Goals to determine if rakeback is a worthwhile option for you.

Always research and choose reputable poker rooms and affiliates

To ensure a safe and fair gaming experience.

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