Dutch Gaming Operators Required to Adopt New Safer Gambling Program

The Dutch Gaming Regulatory Authority is wearing a new warning sign for all online gambling activities. In its announcement today, it has called on all operators to include a headline in practically everything appropriate to consumers’ eyes.

As with tobacco and alcohol, gambling in the Netherlands must be marked with warning signs.

Well, “How much money does it cost to play? Stop on time. The 1818 tagline must be displayed on the website, advertising and marketing campaign of all operators.

Operators have to do it by the first. April 2022 to get a new version of the project to avoid fines.

At the moment, play consciously. Although the 18 days are used, the regulators believe that the new language will better prevent gambling.

Our new warning messages are in line with the Remote Gaming Act (KOA) and are intended to prevent gambling problems such as gambling,” KSA explained.

The new language was adopted by the Minister of Law and Protection, Sander Decker, and reflects the new law on television gambling in the Netherlands in October.

Dutch Online Gaming Market Growing

After the Dutch authorities authorized 10 suppliers of online gambling in October, behavior has now weakened.

The introduction of the new tagline, designed with the Trimbos Institute, is in line with the expected date of publication of the next license set of licenses. Trimbos is a public utility that focuses on mental health and addiction.

The introduction of iGaming in the Netherlands was not an easy task. It took years for the regulation to be passed, and the operators were losing patience. When the first ten licenses were issued, some remarkable names were missing. The Kiddred, Enteign and Leo Vegas were not involved, nor were Betsson. Last one had problems with the KSA.

It is expected that those who have not yet received a license will be included in the next round.

Operators Still Learning the Ropes

It took more than four years for the Netherlands to finally pass the online gaming law. After its release in October, some companies that are currently operating have already recognized that they are in a hurry to remain on the good side of regulators. KSA has already imposed fines for misleading gambling ads and tracked 15 affiliate websites that tried to break the rules.

KSA is prohibited from offering random games without a license. The same goes for advertising random games without a license,” so on.

The operator who fined Bet Odds as a hyperlink on the Soccer News Web One click on the link leads the viewer to the operator’s website That was enough to punish the KSA with a fine. The hyperlink has already been removed.

Of this year’s over 50 affiliated websites that are at the end of the target group, fines may be imposed on you to delete their advertising, and if they are not complied with, they will be tracked by regulators.

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