Kim Joo-hyung, the first Korean to be runner-up in The Open

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21 year old scary rookie golfer this year!

Kim Joo-hyung finished second in the Open.

This is the best record in Korea in the history of The Open.

We will meet Kim Joo-hyung, a “little locomotive Tom,” who won second place after overcoming the bad weather and ankle injuries.

The 151st “The Open” competition held early on the 24th in Korean time!

It boasts the longest history as one of the four major men’s golf tournaments.

In such “The Open,” 21-year-old Kim Joo-hyung tied for second with a total of 7-under 277.

The victory went to Brian Harman of the United States.

Although he did not win, Kim Joo-hyung became the first Korean player to win the second place in the Open.

2nd place in The Open!

It’s the best performance ever among Korean players.

The previous record was tied for eighth place by Choi Kyung-ju in 2007, 16 years ago.

There is another record set by Kim Joo-hyung in this tournament.

He became the youngest player to finish second or higher in The Open in 47 years.

In 1976, he was the youngest since Spain’s Sebe Bayesteros to finish second in the Open.

He won 1,084,625 dollars in prize money alone and about 1.39 billion won in Hanwha.

As a result, Kim Joo-hyung’s total PGA prize money in the 2022-2023 season was $5,624,032 and more than KRW 7 billion in Hanwha.

It’s the highest prize in the history of Korean professional golf in a season.

“The adrenaline came out and I could forget the pain and play.”

This is how Kim Joo-hyung feels about lifting the runner-up cup.

Kim Joo-hyung, who overcame an ankle injury and wrote a new history of Korean golf!

His English name is ‘Tom’ after the little locomotive Thomas in the cartoon ‘Thomas and Friends’.

So, in front of his name, there’s also the modifier “Little Locomotive Tom.”

Like the nickname “Little Locomotive,” I support you to continue to challenge and grow without stopping.

Congratulations, Kim Joo-hyung.


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