The national sport of Bangladesh is kabaddi, a physical team activity with roots in Tamil Nadu in ancient India. Informally referred to as Ha-Du-Du, or the “game of rural Bengal,” Kabaddi is played with different rules depending on the location. It is also well-liked in other nations, like as the United Kingdom, where there are significant Indian and Pakistani populations.

Despite each side having twelve players, only seven of them will ever be on the court at once in this competitive sport. while the other participants wait their turn.

This sport is played outside on a rectangular court that is 12.5 by 10 meters and is divided in half by a white line. Depending on whether your side is playing defense or attack, the goal of Kabaddi is to touch or capture the opponent. Each half of the Kabaddi match lasts about twenty minutes, with five minutes allotted for participants to switch sides and take a break.

Raider refers to a single offensive player. A raider’s job is to enter the other team’s half of the court. The raider must take a deep breath before running to the opposing team and must then try to contact as many players on the opposing team as he can while chanting before running back to his side.

The raider then declares out every player they touch. The raider’s capture is the challenging team’s main objective. The raider will be declared defeated if they are successful in apprehending him and keeping him from returning to his squad before his allotted breath has expired.

The sport of kabaddi has two main divisions: the CIRCLE STYLE, which includes traditional forms of the game played on an outdoor circular field, and the STANDARD STYLE, which is played on an indoor rectangular court and is used in important professional leagues and international events like the Asian Games.


On an outdoor circular field, classic forms of the sport are played in the “Circle Style.” The field is a 22-meter-diameter circular that is split evenly in half by a midline. There is a five-minute intermission in the middle of the 40-minute game. Each team has seven players, and four extra points are awarded to the team that outnumbers all of the opposing team’s members.

Every time a player is touched, one point is given to the team that touched him instead of the player leaving the court. The Pala, a gate in the middle of the playfield, is a new feature introduced by this style. It is 6 meters long overall. The raider must make sure he crosses this 안전놀이터 key line, which is often three meters on either side, through the pala to return to his own half. A point will be given to the raider if he crosses the midline via the Pala.


Kabaddi is played inside on a rectangular court in the Standard Style. Seven players under 80 kg are permitted in this format, along with five substitutes. The game consists of two 20-minute halves separated by a 5-minute halftime break during which the teams switch sides. The court is divided into two equal halves for the two contesting teams by the MID-LINE. The term “Baulk Line” refers to each line in the court that is 3.75 meters away from the middle line and that a raider must pass in order to be authorized to conduct a raid.

Each time a play is made, a raider enters the court from the side of the other team and tries to tag as many of the seven defensive players as they can. Each time a defender is tagged, one point is awarded. A raider receives a bonus point if they cross the line that is indicated as the bonus line in the territory of the opposing team.

In the event that the raider is successfully stopped, the 바카라사이트 opposing team scores a point. Each time a side scores a point off of a tackle, one of the players who was tagged is brought back into the game. If the team eliminates all seven of the opposing team’s players at once, they score two extra points and get their players back into the game.

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