Just focus on the game LG’s finisher Yoo Young-chan couldn’t even hear the cheers of the 10,000-won crowd

Leading 4-3, runners on 1st and 3rd base with 1 out in the 8th inning 1⅔ innings of perfect pitching with no runs allowed

Yoo Young-chan ‘I blocked it well’

The match against the Lotte Giants in Jamsil on the 14th, when the professional baseball LG Twins broke their 4-game losing streak, was in the top of the 8th inning when Lotte had the opportunity to go on 1st and 3rd bases with one out.

When Lee Ji-gang was shaken by consecutive hits after one out, the LG bench brought in closer Yoo Young-chan to secure a one-point lead at 4-3.

In order to end the losing streak, they took the risk of leaving the closing pitcher to count out 5 outs.

Yoo Young-chan struck out Na Seung-yeop and Jeong Hoon in succession to easily get through the 8th inning, and he cleanly blocked the team with 3 batters until the 9th inning to preserve the team’s victory.

It was perfect pitching with 2 strikeouts in 1⅔ innings, with no flaws.

Yoo Young-chan earned his 15th save of the season.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, Moon Bo-kyung hit a one-run home run, and LG won 5-3 over Lotte.

Yoo Young-chan’s 1⅔ inning save is his second this season after the Lotte game on the 11th of last month.

Yoo Young-chan, whom we met after the game, expressed satisfaction, saying, “I remember feeling uneasy because I threw the ball a bit in that game. After today, I think those memories will disappear. I hope I can continue to throw like I did today.”

The secret to overcoming the crisis of conceding goals was strong concentration.

Yoo Young-chan said, “I can’t decide the result. I just looked at the catcher’s sign and the mitt and threw confidently, which gave me good results. I didn’t even think about the team’s losing streak. I just wanted to prevent the situation.”

I couldn’t even hear the crowd cheering.

On this day, Jamsil Stadium was filled with 23,750 people, and when Yoo Young-chan overcame the crisis in the 8th inning, LG fans filling the first base stands chanted his name.

Yoo Young-chan said, “I didn’t hear it when I came down. I only focused on the game because I thought I had to block the next inning as well.

Yoo Young-chan, who took over the final position at LG this year after Ko Woo-seok left for the United States, truly understands the saying, “A position makes a person.”

Yoo Young-chan said, “I feel my velocity and pitching speed are improving. I’m taking better care of my body, and I’m lucky that I’m doing okay (playing a finishing role).”

He also explained, “Experienced through last year’s Korean Series was a big help. I’m being more careful about managing tension and pitching when there are runners on base than last year.” 고스톱

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