“Favorite coach—but DB wins” Kim Seung-ki’s affection, Lawson’s reply

Dedrick Lawson (25, 202 cm) is no longer wearing the green jersey.

Lawson is already preparing for his third season in the KBL. He first played for the Goyang Orion in the 2020-2021 season and proved his worth last season with the Goyang Carrot. He was the perfect piece to coach Kim Seung-ki’s new, unique brand of archery basketball and helped the team make the playoffs despite a payroll crunch. He took an underrated team to the six-team playoffs and was part of an upset drama that saw them defeat the Ulsan Hyundai Mobis to reach the quarterfinals.

Throughout last season, coach Kim Seung-ki was full of praise for Lawson whenever the subject came up. When SONO announced its formation and appointed Kim as its head coach, Lawson’s future was already set as a DB. But he still had a soft spot for Lawson. At the time, Kim said, “Thanks to (Lawson), we were able to become the best team even in a bad situation. I’m really grateful. Regardless of everything, Lawson is the foreign player I loved.”

Lawson’s affection for Kim was also great. During last season, he described Kim as a “funny guy.

Lawson, who arrived in Korea on June 6, has been training with DB in Japan and playing practice games with the professional team. Despite switching teams, he is still recognized for his outstanding performance. In a practice game against the Seoul Samsung on April 28, he hit a buzzer-beating mid-range shot just before the end of a tied game to complete DB’s victory.

When asked about the aforementioned praise from Kim, Lawson replied, “He’s my favorite director. I’m grateful that he thinks well of me and remembers me fondly. He’s a fun guy and a creative coach, so I enjoyed playing with him. It would be nice to meet him,” he laughed.

At the inauguration ceremony of SONO on the 20th, Coach Kim Seung-ki said, “We will play the first game of the regular season against DB. We will 토토사이트 show our skills.” The first match of the season between DB and Sono is scheduled for October 22 at Goyang Gymnasium. Lawson laughed in response, saying, “Even if we meet coach Kim Seung-ki, DB will definitely win.”

We’re looking forward to October 22nd, when the now-enemies clash between the protégé and the master.

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